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VR Karbala | Re-live the tragedy of Karbala
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Campaign #313

Become one of the 313 members to support our work by donating $25 on a monthly basis.

VR Karbala in Arbaeen, Iraq, 2017

VR KARBALA was shown to zawars between Najaf and Karbala during Arbaeen 2017 to bring the zawars even closer to Zaynab (sa) and Imam Hussain (as).

Get a better understanding of the work behind VR Karbala

Quick facts about the scene of Abbas (as):

  • Time: 8 months
  • Development team: 25+ developers
  • Team in total: 55+ people
  • Versions: iOS and Android
  • Softwares used: Maya, 3DMAX, Unreal Engine, Substance Painter, Unity, Z Brush, Nuke, Houdini, Marvelous, Hairworks, Photoshop, Premier, Plastic SCM

Campaign #313

Due to the high costs of VR Karbala, we are looking for #313 sponsors who will join the VR Karbala family and support our work with $25 on a monthly basis and help us continue our work and introduce Imam Hussian (as) to the humankind by using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions.

Hence, we invite you to join us an become one of our #313 partners

User Testimonials

Cant say anything just watch it. Your heart will stop beating for a sec Syeda Naqvi

MashAllah this app took me back and may the Imam of our time grant the makers of this app and their whole team health, wealth and more success in this journey of theirs. The team is amazing very responsive and fixes any issues I had immediately. Jazzakallah for an amazing video. RidzArt 786

MashAllah a very nice innovation towards the Tragedy of Karbala. It literally feels like you are standing next to Maula Abbas (a) while he asked for permission to Maula Hussain (a) My mom couldn’t hold her expression while seeing only demo. Bring more episodes ASAP. Sayed W. Abbas

Just viewed the demo and first part of Abulfadhl al-Abbas video and I’m still shaken by the raw emotions I felt while watching them. The VR Karbala team has done an amazing job with this app and the accompanying audio and visual effects. It truly felt as though I was in Karbala 1400 years ago. I can’t wait to see what else the team releases for us. Keep up the great work! Ailiya Reza Zaidi

Amazing work! May Allah swt reward the team for your efforts. I look forward to new content and videos via the app. Qasim Hussain

Well done to the whole team of VR Karbala.May Allah reward you for all your hard work. Amazing an unforgettable experience. Syeda Kazmi

One of the biggest project that really deserve all support, I think to have this app and using this technology will let the tragedy of Karbala to be known widely among Muslims and Non-Muslim moreover reliving the tragedy of karbala in such way will change our lives. Zahra al-Musawi

I just watched your release of VR Karbala with Hazrat Abbas (as). I just wanted to tell you thank you, I never could have imagined the tragic events of that day so clearly without your help. I was honestly crying from start to finish, and I hope that you will continue to do such amazing work! Thank you so much and may all your efforts be rewarded! Vineeta Hussain

Cant wait to experience this outstanding vr karbala project. Well done to the founder’s of this program and all that support it.
May allah bless you guys in this life and the hear after. Hamdellah we have people like you guys to spread the message of our beloved ahlulbait. Hadi Diran

iewing the VR Karbala H. Abbas (a) scene was extremely touching! From what I had read on social media and on their website, I didn’t know what to expect or how the experience would be. Now, I can truly say that it has exceeded my expectations.
The part that touched me the most about this was that each aspect was so detailed and vivid. The world is changing and it is hard to imagine how the Day of Ashura took place as we forget amidst modern day advances that there was a lot we have today that wasn’t around 1400 years ago. This experience puts us, the Azadar of Imam Husayn (a), in touch with a part of our history that is the very essence of our existance as Shi’a Muslims.
I would recommend individuals to not only view the demo, but to subscribe in supporting this cause. Whilst it may seem like a better option to purchase the available scene outright, I urge people to subscribe monthly to this great cause to fund the development of more scenes.
I cannot wait to see more of VR Karbala. Rumina Hashmani

The story behind VR Karbala, by Nazer Hussain Mehrali

How much does it cost to develop VR Karbala?


Throughout 2017, we have spent approx. $176,000.00 USD on the development of VR Karbala. The main costs include was due to post-production and development. We recruited some of the best animators, directors, and artists to work with us. We have had a team of 25+ developers working on full-time on this project to visualize the vision and concept of VR Karbala.

Additionally, the cost includes development, marketing, events, administration, and IT equipment. An overview of the expenditure is illustrated in the diagram below. We hope to find generous people who are blessed with wealth from the Almighty Allah (swt) to support our cause financially. Thus, we are seeking to raise funding of approx. $15,000 monthly or $180,000 for a 12 months period from several donors.

Source of funding

The budget for the current production was raised through crowdfunding, sponsorship, and investment.

– $27,000 was raised through crowdfunding
– $105,000 was raised through investment and sponsorship
– $44,000 was raised through donations from events worldwide

Our goal is to be independent of external funding within the next 2 years. The income will be mainly from Advertisement from our app and monthly support from the believers.

Animation budget comparison

Naturally, the development process of animations is very technical and costly. However, in the case of VR Karbala, the process has been even more complicated and filled with unforeseen challenges due to the complexity of the project as VR Karbala is one of the world’s first realistic VR animation with tremendous details and high quality.

Additionally, with the blessings of Ahlulbayt (as), the scene was developed at a minimal cost. A comparison of the costs related to VR Karbala and other similar animations have been made in the diagram chart below.


Surely, the paradise and salvation are saved for those, who brings forward the tears of others for Imam Hussain (as), even if it is as small as a wing of a mosquito.

VR Karbala team

Below you can see all the people who have made VR Karbala possible. Our team represents volunteers, freelancers and developers from 15+ countries, all gathered to work for the cause of Imam Hussain (as).

Nazer Hussain Mehrali

Marketing Manager
Shaker Hussain Mehrali

IT Manager
Roohullah R. Hasani

Communication Manager
Ahad Azimi

Content Manager
Sarah Al-Musaed

Javad Matouri

Production Manager
Hamed Nadermanesh

Technical Director
Mohammed Danial Atoofi

Unreal Engine Technical and
Environments Designer
Mohammad Danial Atoufi
Hamed Mir Hashemi
Vahid Bahmani
Ashkan Zanjirian

Maya Technical
Payam Mehmandoust

VR Developer and Programmer
Vahid Bahmani

App and Web Developer
Mahmoud Shahbazian
Vahid Bahmani
Benjamin Schultz Sørensen

Landscape Designer
Alireza Khajeh Ali

Story Board
Ghasem Farhani
Mohamad Keyvan Marz

Modeling & Texturing
Ebrahim Diba
Saeid Farhangian
Ali Ahmadi
Mostafa Matouri
Saeid Narimani
Milad Ghiasi
Farhad Nojumi
Shirin Fakhri
Sara Rahmati
Maziar Baderestani

Edit and Layout Previz
Kamran Heidari
Amir Hossein Yazdi

Character Riging
Khalil Khalilian
Sahra Erfani

Amir Dehghanpour
Peiman Motie
Shahin HekmatKhah
Jalal Rahbari
Mehdi Ahmadi

Ali Afsari

Hasan Kateb

Cloth & Hair Simulation
Alireza Soleimani Khah
Hamed Mir Hashemi

Shader Artist
Mohammad Danial Atoufi

FX Artist
Reza Ghorbani
Ashkan Zanjirian

Ali Ehtemami
Ashkan Zanjirian

Content & Translation
Hagar Al-Fartoussi
Hiba Hassan
Maria Al-Mousawi
Noor El Sharifi
Aja Mohammed Turki
Geadir Al Fartoussi
Alia Al-Khafaji
Zainab Raham
Ali Hariri
Safoora Arife
Muhammad Taqi
Murtaza al-Shawi

Social Media
Hiba Hassan
Noor El-Sharfi
Alia Al-Khafaji

Video Marketing
Karar Al-Kianan
Mohammed Atwi
Ali Ehtemami

Graphic Designer
Karrar Al-Abodi
Sayed Dion Rezaei

Concept Artist
Davood Diba
Ghasem Farhani
Mohammad Yousefi

Donation of your choice

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