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The development process of VR Karbala / Demo Reel

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We need your help to continue producing more scenes of the tragedy of Karbala. Millions wish that they had been present on the day of Ashura to help Imam Hussain (as). With VR Karbala people will have a virtual and yet realistic and unique experience of the tragedy of Karbala, where they will find themselves among the companions of Imam Hussain (as).

At this moment we have the team, the know-how and the expertise to revolutionize the way we remember and mourn for Imam Hussain (as).

However, we need your support in order to produce more scenes of Karbala.

Surely, the paradise and salvation are saved for those, who brings forward the tears of others for Imam Hussain (as), even if it is as small as a wing of a mosquito.

Narrations regarding mourning for Imam Hussein (AS)

Imam Sadiq (AS) said:
There is none who recites poetry about Husain (AS) and weeps and makes others weep by means of it, except that Allah makes Paradise incumbent upon him and forgives his sins.
Rijal al-Shaikh al-Tusi, pg.: 289.

Imam Baqir (AS) said:
He who remembers us, or in whose presence, we are remembered, and (as a result) tears flow from his eyes, even though they may be in the measure of a wing of a mosquito, Allah shall construct for him a house in paradise and make the tears a barrier between him and the fire (of hell).
Al-Ghadeer, Vol.: 2, pg.: 202

Imam Sadiq (AS) said (to Masma’, one of those who mourned over Imam Husain (AS)):
May Allah have mercy upon your tears! Do know that you are regarded as being of those who are deeply concerned about us and of those who are happy at our happiness and aggrieved at our sorrow. Do know that you shall witness the presence of my fathers near you at the time of your death.
Wasail al-Shia’h, Vol.: 10, Pg.:397

Imam Reza (AS) said:
O’ Son of Shabib! Should you weep for Husain (AS) in the measure that tears roll down your cheeks, Allah would forgive all the sins committed by you, whether they be the great sins or the small sins and whether they be meagre or immense.
Amaali al-Saduq, pg.:112.

The Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) (said to Fatimah (AS): On the Day of Judgment, you shall intercede for the ladies and I shall intercede for the men; every person who has wept over the tragedy of Husain (AS), we shall take him by the hand and lead him into Paradise.
Bihar al-Anwar vol. 44,pg. 292.

Imam Reza (AS) said (to Reyyan Ibn Shabib):
O’ Son of Shabib! If you have to cry over something, then do so over Husain Ibn ‘Ali (AS) for surely, he was slaughtered in the manner in which a ram is slaughtered.
Bhar al-Anwar/ Vol.: 44/ pg.: 286.