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We, at VR Karbala, are convinced that every Muslim around the globe are obligated to spread the message of Imam Hussain (as), specifically in this era, where injustice and corruption has eclipsed every country around the globe. Thus, it is important to learn and know about the personalities, which sacrificed everything to ensure this invaluable justice, for everyone no matter religion or nationality.

To fulfil this obligation, VR Karbala aims to revive the tragic battle of Imam Hussain (as) through the technological application of Virtual Reality.  For the first time in history, VR Karbala provides the opportunity to the followers of Imam Hussein (as), to travel back in time and experience the tragedy of Karbala with their mind and soul, respectively. However, to present this opportunity to the millions of followers of Ahlulbait (as), we need your help!

Become a sponsor to one of the scenes of VR Karbala and obtain benediction in your name or in the name of your deceased ones.

  • 2,500 USD – Sponsor the development of VR Karbala.
  • 5,000 USD – Sponsor the development of one Character.
  • 10,000 USD – Sponsor the development of one minute scene.