VR Karbala

A real and immersive
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VR Karbala is an innovative project that is aiming to bring the tragic incident of Karbala to life. Through virtual reality, VR Karbala is aiming to allow its user to walk among the companions of Imam (as), praying behind the Imam (as), listen to the heartbreaking cry of the children, ride along with Abbas (as), see the frustration of Zaynab (sa), feel the grief of Imam Hussain (as) and the vulnerability of Imam Zaynul Abadeen (as).


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VR Karbala - www.vr-karbala.com

VR Karbala event in Baynul Haramayn, Karbala

A world renowned production 

VR Karbala is aiming to create an accurate replication of the historical battle of Karbala in realistic animation. This provides a unique user experience to the users, as their physical presence will be simulated into the tragic environment of Karbala.


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VR Karbala - Hakim


VR Karbala - Imam Hussein
VR Karbala - Imam Hussein
VR Karbala - Imam Hussein
VR Karbala - Omar Ibn Saad
VR Karbala - Omar Ibn Saad
VR Karbala - Hazrat Abbas
VR Karbala - Hazrat Abbas
VR Karbala - Hazrat Abbas
VR Karbala - Karbala
VR Karbala - Shimr
VR Karbala - Hakim

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“This have made us very happy. Be sure that this opportunity is not given to everyone, it is only given to you (VR Karbala team). Every success you have had and will have is from higher up, from the Ahlulbayt (as) and Allah The Almighty.”

Ayatollah Safi Gulpaygani - VRK

Ayatollah Safi Gulpaygani

“When I watched the trailer of VR-Karbala the feeling of reliving Karbala hit me hard and I was wondering how sincere I am when I say ‘I wish I had been with them so I could have attained a great attainment.”

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei - Vr Karbala

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

“I strongly support your project about VR Karbala, and I am more than happy to supervise the appropriateness of the script.”

Ayatollah Sayed Fadhil Milani - VR Karbala

Ayatollah Sayed Fadhil Milani