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Our WorkAt VR Karbala


VR Karbala is an innovative project that is aiming to bring the tragic incident of Karbala to life. Through virtual reality, VR Karbala is aiming to allow its user to walk among the companions of Imam (as), praying behind the Imam (as), listen to the heartbreaking cry of the children, ride along with Abbas (as), see the frustration of Zaynab (sa), feel the grief of Imam Hussain (as) and the vulnerability of Imam Zaynul Abadeen (as).

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VRVirtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) enables the possibility to create realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a specific environment. Through VR the user’s physical presence is simulated into the virtual environment.

360°360 degree view

The VR technology enables the user to move with 360-degree in the replicated 3D environment, and with each movement, the software allows the environment to follows the user’s sight.

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Surely, the paradise and salvation are saved for those, who brings forward the tears of others for Imam Hussain (as), even if it is as small as a wing of a mosquito.

Shimr ibn Ziljushan, VR Karbala

RealisticRealistic animation

VR Karbala is aiming to create an accurate replication of the historical battle of Karbala in realistic animation. This provides a unique user experience to the users, as their physical presence will be simulated into the tragic environment of Karbala.

PlatformsSmartphone. Tablet. VR Glasses. Etc.

The tragic imitated incident of the battle of Karbala is present in a software platform, e.g., an application for the smartphone. This software platform covers the common systems, such as Android, IOS etc.

The landscape of VR Karbala