First Manuscript

The talented and respected sheikh Bahmanpour has finished the manuscript for the scene of Abbas (as) and the draft is sent for the review, which will be carried out by the respected scholar, Ayatollah Fadhil Al-Milani.

This means that the project proceeds as planned, and by the will of God, the development of the first scene, which is the battle of Abbas (as) will start according to the plan. The development process includes the concept drawings, animations design, 3D animations etc. This process will be completed by the development department of VR Karbala.

First Status Meeting

VR Karbala had its first status meeting with the volunteers from Denmark. The aim of this meeting was to present the new office as well as presenting the project status to the volunteers. Furthermore, the company organization, working structure and efficiency was discussed. The volunteers were also presented to a contract and working plan.


Crowdfunding at TahaFunder

With only two days left, the crowdfunding campaign of VR Karbala, at TahaFunder, has managed to reach its goal as the predetermined aim of 25.000 USD has been funded. This is a great news for VR Karbala since the development of the first scene of Abbas (as) can start according to the project plan. The development process for this scene includes the concept drawings, the animation design, the 3D animations and the voice of the characters.

Private Donor

Additionally, a private donor has contacted VR Karbala, and has promised to match each dollar that VR Karbala raises through its campaign up to 5000 USD. This is a great news for VR Karbala because if the project is capable of raising 5000 USD, another 5000 USD will be provided by the private donor.

Travel to Iran

The upcoming plans for the project contains a travel to Iran, where the founder and CEO, Nazer H. Mehrali, will meet with our partners and developers. Furthermore, this travel will also include meetings with some of the scholars at the holy city of Qum and Mashad, respectively.