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We need your help to continue producing more scenes of the tragedy of Karbala. Millions wish that they had been present on the day of Ashura to help Imam Hussain (as). With VR Karbala people will have a virtual and yet realistic and unique experience of the tragedy of Karbala, where they will find themselves among the companions of Imam Hussain (as)

However, we need your support in order to produce more scenes of Karbala.

Surely, the paradise and salvation are saved for those, who brings forward the tears of others for Imam Hussain (as), even if it is as small as a wing of a mosquito.

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This have made us very happy. Be sure that this opportunity is not given to everyone, it is only given to you (VR Karbala team). Every success you have had and will have is from higher up, from the Ahlulbayt (as) and Allah The Almighty

When I watched the trailer of VR-Karbala the feeling of reliving Karbala hit me hard and I was wondering how sincere I am when I say ‘I wish I had been with them so I could have attained a great attainment.

I fully support and fully endorse VR Karbala. Please help them as much as you can by showing your support

I want to give my support to the fantastic project of VR Karbala. We have all seen the moving promo which brought all of us to tears and we hope that we can experience the VR Karbala project soon.

It is an honour for me to serve as a scriptwriter in the VR Karbala project. I am humbled being part of a team who tries to serve Imam Husayn (a) by revitalising his memory in the hearts and minds of his followers.

It´s a matter of great honour and importance to support VR Karbala.

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