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Frequenlty Asked Questions.

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Currently the project Karbala is still in the development phase, thus we do not have a video we can share yet.

We are supported by many Islamic scholars. We have a board of scholars whom we are working very closely with to ensure that every presented sources or pictures are authentic. Two of the Scholars are Ayatollah Dr. Muhammed Sadiq al-Karbasi and Ayatollah Sayed Fadhil al-Milani.

We will have our own charity named Hop-e (Helper of The Poor), dedicated to Imam Ali (as). Approximately 45 % of the yearly profit from VR Karbala will be used to support the poor. With the will of God, the Almighty we will be able to:

a) Help the widows and the poor to start their own business so they can support their family in long turn.

b) Build schools c) Build homes d) Build Hospitals.

We will be having different projects in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and India in the beginning.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a software platform that enables the possibility to travel into a virtual world through a special developed app, videos, software and hardware. In the case of VR Karbala, we would like to let the users travel back to the 10th of Muharram and re-live the tragedy of Karbala through an App and VR glasses.

No, we will not show the face of Imam Hussain (as) or the faces of his family members.

Yes, our goal is to develop the story of the other Imams and Prophets as well, in sha Allah. We want to make VR Mashhad, VR Kufa, VR Qom, VR Mecca, VR Medina etc.

Yes, you can both use your smartphone and tablet, however in order to have the full experience of VR Karbala, we are recommending you to buy VR glasses.

Yes, you can use VR Karbala at every place you want. You just need your smartphone or a tablet. We will also be present at a Mawkeeb between Najaf and Karbala in 2017 where you can visit us. Also, we will have several offices in Karbala and Najaf where you can try VR Karbala while visiting the Imam (as). More information about where and place will be revealed before Muharram 2017.

If we are represented in your community, then yes. We will be available in the local communities in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Middle East, North – and South America.

We are open for any investment inquiries and investors. Please do not hesitate to contact Nazer H. Mehrali at for further details.

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