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VR Karbala - Hakim, Soldier
VR KarbalaBlog11. December 2017

VR Karbala – Good News

In this article you can read about what we are working on right now at VR Karbala, from a small documentary to some new updates for our App.

VR Karbala - Europe Tour
VR KarbalaBlog24. May 2017

VR Karbala Tour and Demo

We invite you to join us during the holy month of Ramadhan, where you will, Insha’Allah, be able to try the demo of VR Karbala in different European cities and countries including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

VR Karbala - Ashura
VR KarbalaBlog8. May 2017

“Isn’t there anyone to help me?”

Are you eager to relive the tragedy of Karbala? And experience the calamity of our Master, Hussein (as)? Imagine that you are standing steps away from the burning tents, while the children are running around, you can hear their scream and cry for help, what would you do?

Christianity Represented in Ashura

One of the important lessons that we can learn from Ashura, is to stand against injustice and to advocate the universal rights of every human being regardless of their religion, social status and background. This is surely illustrated, when we look at the Christians who were involved in Ashura.

Arrival to Karbala, VR Karbala
VR KarbalaArticle26. April 2017

The Journey Begins

When did Imam Hussain (as) leave from Medina and when did he arrive at Karbala? Read more about Imam Hussain's (as) journey from Medina to Karbala in this article.

Introduction to the tragedy of Karbala
VR KarbalaArticle15. January 2017

Introduction to the tragedy of Karbala – Political motives

What are the political motives behind the Tragedy of Karbala? How was the political context and what was the stance and point of view of Imam Hussain (as) at that time?

A documentary about VR Karbala
VR KarbalaBlog13. January 2017

A documentary about VR Karbala

Seda wa Sema, the national TV of Iran, is making a documentary about VR Karbala. In this documentary, we are visiting some scholars and some managers from the shrine of Lady Masomaa (sa) to present our work at VR Karbala.

Meeting with Grand Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Gulpaygani
VR KarbalaBlog13. January 2017

Support from Ayatollah Safi Gulpaygani

Ayatollah Gulpaygani was pleased with our Idea and he was very supportive of the idea of using new technology in order to present the stories of the Ahlulbayt (as) to the new generation of youths.

VR KarbalaBlog9. December 2016

November newsletter

The talented and respected sheikh Bahmanpour has finished the manuscript for the scene of Abbas (as) and the draft is sent for the review, which will be carried out by the respected scholar, Ayatollah Fadhil Al-Milani.

VR KarbalaBlog29. October 2016

Cooperation with Ayatollah al-Milani

We are honored to announce that Ayatollah Sayed Fadhil al-Milani will supervise VR Karbala.