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VR Karbala consists of experts, scholars and volunteers from many different cultures and countries. We are an independent and non-profit organization with the aim of bringing the tragedy of Karbala to life again by using Virtual Reality.

The Idea behind VR Karbala started in Denmark in the year of 2015 as a result of a bachelor and later master thesis by Nazer H. Mehrali. The aim of the thesis was to analyze how technologies such as Virtual Reality can be used to create immersive, realistic and different understand of the tragedy of Karbala by allowing the users to “travel back in time” and experience the tragedy as they were present in Karbala themselves.

Since May 2017, the project of VR Karbala is officially initiated, and even though we have had several productions so far, we are still developing new scenes.

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VR Karbala - www.vr-karbala.com

Get to know the story of VR Karbala, told by Nazer Hussain Mehrali on Ahlulbayt TV.

VR Karbala during Arbaeen, Iraq

Academic Supervisor

As aforementioned, the historical battle of Karbala will be presented in an accurate, realistic and immersive simulation of three-dimensional environment. To obtain the historical accuracy, the project of VR Karbala needs an academic supervisor, hence, the respected scholar, Sayyed Fadhil Milani, are providing academic supervision and assistant in that regards.

Ayatollah Sayed Fadhil Milani - VR Karbala

VR Karbala Team

Founder & CEO
Nazer Hussain Mehrali

Marketing Manager
Shaker Hussain Mehrali

IT Manager
Roohullah R. Hasani

Communication Manager
Ahad Azimi

Content Manager
Sarah Al-Musaed

Javad Matouri

Production Manager
Hamed Nadermanesh

Technical Director
Mohammed Danial Atoofi

Unreal Engine Technical and
Environments Designer
Mohammad Danial Atoufi
Hamed Mir Hashemi
Vahid Bahmani
Ashkan Zanjirian

Maya Technical
Payam Mehmandoust

VR Developer and Programmer
Vahid Bahmani

App and Web Developer
Mahmoud Shahbazian
Vahid Bahmani
Benjamin Schultz Sørensen

Landscape Designer
Alireza Khajeh Ali

Story Board
Ghasem Farhani
Mohamad Keyvan Marz

Modeling & Texturing
Ebrahim Diba
Saeid Farhangian
Ali Ahmadi
Mostafa Matouri
Saeid Narimani
Milad Ghiasi
Farhad Nojumi
Shirin Fakhri
Sara Rahmati
Maziar Baderestani

Edit and Layout Previz
Kamran Heidari
Amir Hossein Yazdi

Character Riging
Khalil Khalilian
Sahra Erfani

Amir Dehghanpour
Peiman Motie
Shahin HekmatKhah
Jalal Rahbari
Mehdi Ahmadi

Ali Afsari

Hasan Kateb

Cloth & Hair Simulation
Alireza Soleimani Khah
Hamed Mir Hashemi

Concept Artist
Davood Diba
Ghasem Farhani
Mohammad Yousefi

Shader Artist
Mohammad Danial Atoufi

FX Artist
Reza Ghorbani
Ashkan Zanjirian

Ali Ehtemami
Ashkan Zanjirian

Content & Translation
Hagar Al-Fartoussi
Hiba Hassan
Maria Al-Mousawi
Noor El Sharifi
Aja Mohammed Turki
Geadir Al Fartoussi
Alia Al-Khafaji
Zainab Raham
Ali Hariri
Safoora Arife
Muhammad Taqi
Murtaza al-Shawi

Social Media
Hiba Hassan
Noor El-Sharfi
Alia Al-Khafaji

Video Marketing
Karar Al-Kianan
Mohammed Atwi
Ali Ehtemami

Graphic Designer
Karrar Al-Abodi
Sayed Dion Rezaei

IRAN: Amirali Kazemi
LEBANON: Alireza Ebrahimi

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“This have made us very happy. Be sure that this opportunity is not given to everyone, it is only given to you (VR Karbala team). Every success you have had and will have is from higher up, from the Ahlulbayt (as) and Allah The Almighty.”

Ayatollah Safi Gulpaygani - VRK

Ayatollah Safi Gulpaygani

“When I watched the trailer of VR-Karbala the feeling of reliving Karbala hit me hard and I was wondering how sincere I am when I say ‘I wish I had been with them so I could have attained a great attainment.”

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei - Vr Karbala

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

“I strongly support your project about VR Karbala, and I am more than happy to supervise the appropriateness of the script.”

Ayatollah Sayed Fadhil Milani - VR Karbala

Ayatollah Sayed Fadhil Milani