Seda wa Sema, the national TV of Iran, is making a documentary about VR Karbala. In this documentary, we are visiting some scholars and some managers from the shrine of Lady Masomaa (sa) to present our work at VR Karbala.

Simultaneously we showed a short demo from our scene to the bypassers in the streets of Qom, Iran. We got very emotional and touching feedback from people of all ages.

One of the bypassers said:

“I was really touched and I wanted to see where Ali Asghar (as) was. I was looking around to find him, but I could not see him… I felt like I was there and it was very hard for me to witness it…”

We also got the permission to film inside the Holy Shrine and also here the visitors of Lady Masooma (sa) were eager to try VR Karbala. On behalf of VR Karbala, we felt a special honor to stand in front of Lady Masooma (sa) and present the demo of VR Karbala, the tragedy of her grandfather to her zawars.

The documentary is still in the making and is expected to be finished within the next couple of months in sha Allah.

With the will of Allah and the support of the Holy Household we will be presenting VR Karbala at the shrine of Lady Masooma (sa) next Muharram.