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Re-live the tragedy of Abbas, Imam Hussain, Zaynab, Imam Sajjad, Ali Akbar (as)

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Travel back in time and experience the tragedy of Karbala. Walk among the people, pray behind the Imam, listen to the cry of the children, ride along with Abbas, see the frustration of Zaynab, feel the grief of Imam Hussain (as) and the helplessness of Imam Zaynul Abadeen (as).

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Karbala in 360°

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Surely, the paradise and salvation are saved for those, who brings forward the tears of others for Imam Hussain (as), even if it is as small as a wing of a mosquito.

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VR Karbala - Hakim, Soldier
VR KarbalaBlog11. December 2017

VR Karbala – Good News

In this article you can read about what we are working on right now at VR Karbala, from a small documentary to some new updates for our App.

VR Karbala - Europe Tour
VR KarbalaBlog24. May 2017

VR Karbala Tour and Demo

We invite you to join us during the holy month of Ramadhan, where you will, Insha’Allah, be able to try the demo of VR Karbala in different European cities and countries including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

VR Karbala - Ashura
VR KarbalaBlog8. May 2017

“Isn’t there anyone to help me?”

Are you eager to relive the tragedy of Karbala? And experience the calamity of our Master, Hussein (as)? Imagine that you are standing steps away from the burning tents, while the children are running around, you can hear their scream and cry for help, what would you do?

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